Frequently Asked Questions

What about the Pros?

Although professional racers are welcome to be ranked, this system is more designed for the weekend racer.

When is the ranking season?

Ranking is based on the calendar year. It will begin January 1 and ends December 31.

What is the difference between a paid 1WRC Member and a Free Social Member?

Getting ranked! Only paid 1WRC Members will be ranked. Badges are assigned to paid 1WRC Members who are participating in the current year's ranking system. These members will have access to members-only contests, and can vote/particpate in other member-only activities that can be found on members-only pages.

All members inlcuding Free Social Members will have full access to most of the website including the RC Social forums, the track directory, the photo contests, body painting contests, and more! Come join the fun!

What do I get for the $50 membership fee?

You get ranked! Your race results will be tabulated for 12 months using our exclusive ranking system. At the conclusion of the current year's ranking program, award certificates will be sent out the top three state, region, nation, and world members! Paid 1WRC members will have full access to members-only areas of the 1WRC website where there will be contests, votes, and other activities for members-only. Starting in the 2022, you'll be able to proudly display your official 1WRC rank earned during the 2021 ranking season.

What classes are being ranked?

1/10 offroad carpet and 1/10 offroad dirt, 1/8 offroad, dirt oval, onroad, 1/5 scale, 1/4 scale, mini z, rock crawling, and drag racing! Any classes! Nitro or electric! Onroad or offroad! Submit results and get ranked!

What is Member Chat?

It's new and fun! Members can now 'Chat With Us' to contact 1WRC directly OR you can select any member (1WRC or Social) and chat with them directly! Messages are saved and you can chat with one or many all at the same time all from the Member Chat box!


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