What is it?


1World RC is a worldwide points ranking system for radio-controlled car racers where you are ranked against other racers on a world, national, regional, and state level. 

You can race locally and be ranked against other racers worldwide!

It's easy to score points!  Submit your race results from any race you attend.  Points are based on the number of entries in the race you participated in and have submitted results to 1WRC.   The bigger the race, the greater the opportunity to score 1WRC points.

All forms of RC racing are eligible for our ranking system including 1/10th 1/8th, 1/5th, oval, onroad, mini z, and rock crawling.  If you race it we can rank you.  Take a look at our simple rules for details on how points are scored.

Our ranking system will rank you by class, sex, age group, state, region, nation, and world. These rankings can be used to show potential sponsors the hard work you are putting into each class you race.  In 2022 registered number plates can be used by our ranked racers. These plates can be purchased from our official 1WRC decal sponsor starting in January 2022.

1WRC is more than just a points ranking system. We are also a RC Social network like no other. It's all RC all the time. Here you can share race reports, pictures, videos, and get set-up tips from the points leaders.

Our platform allows track owners to show off their track and promote their upcoming events. 1WRC members will be looking for those high points-scoring races. Track owners can use the site for race promotion absolutely free of charge. You can also register your track in our track directory.

Users of this forum will range from backyard track builders to world-class builders. They are here to offer advice and share ideas on building RC tracks of all shapes and sizes. With their help and advice, you can do it right the first time. 

Where would social media be without our great photographers? We have a category for you to showcase your skills on and off the track. Sharing an event through photos can be very rewarding experience both for the photographer and the racer. Relive your event on our RC Social page. Weekly and monthly photo contests will be held.  Starting January 1st, 2021, there will be a Photo of the Year contest too!

1WRC has something for everyone.  If you race it, grill it, paint it, or take a picture of it we have you covered.

Our platform will have state champions, regional champions, national champions, and world champion rankings.  Not everyone can be a top world-ranked driver, but you can be ranked #1 in your state or region.  Come join the fun and see where you rank.